I started with three sewable LEDs, a piece of pink felt, conductive thread, a lily tiny, and a battery pack. After two class periods I managed to make two of my three LEDs blink. I didn’t make much out of those but it did lead me to my next project – a felt unicorn. May […]

3D Printing

After two tries, multiple broken legs, and a few curse words later I created my ChickBunnyEgg. It required more work than I expected. To be completely honest I thought my creation would just print perfectly the first time. Unfortunately this was not the case, the first one looked a little more like a tiny tornado […]

Makey Makey

This week in class we used Makey Makey’s to do various projects. My group started out simple creating a keypad to move a whale around the screen. But as the week progressed, as did our creativity. My LED obsession of the week started when I discovered that you can blow out light bulbs with the […]

Rube Goldberg and WeDo

Our challenge this week was to create a project connecting the physical world to the internet/computer world. We used Leggo “WeDo” machines to complete the task. The WeDo’s are essentially just a distance sensor and a motor connected by a USB port to a computer. As a class we attempted to create a Rube Goldberg […]

Coping with Stress

On many stressful nights before a big test or exam you can find me around 1am in my kitchen baking just about anything, from banana bread to brownies. I normally don’t even get around to eating them, but the process itself lets me completely decompress. On other days when there are no supplies in my […]